What about Secondhand Lazy Boy Recliners?

Buying a Lazy Boy is almost like buying a car. It’s a very personal purchase because you know you’re going to be using it for a long time, and because you’re most probably going to spend a lot of time relaxing in it. It’s a big purchase, surely, but it’s more than a piece of furniture. To some extent, having the Lazy Boy tag in your living room is even a status symbol. But that doesn’t remove the fact that it is costly. You would typically find a lazy boy recliner for sale at around a thousand dollars a pop. As with cars, there’s a simple solution around the problem of cost, and that’s buying a secondhand or pre-owned Lazy Boy recliner.

Comfort for Cheap

The most obvious advantage of getting a secondhand Lazy Boy recliner is, of course, the lower cost. You could easily find a secondhand Lazy Boy recliner for sale at just several hundred dollars. Heck, you could find a pre-owned (albeit, probably, well-used) Lazy Boy recliner for sale at as low as a mere tenth of its original retail price. By getting secondhand, you’re getting yourself all the comfort that a Lazy Boy promises, without having to suffer the discomfort of looking at the original price tag.

And Lazy Boys have been proven to be durable, too. A Lazy Boy that’s about a couple of years old could still give you the same amount of years, so long as it’s maintained properly. But then, that’s what you’re supposed to do with your Lazy Boy recliner whether you buy it brand new or pre-owned.

The Problem with Secondhand

But there comes a major problem with secondhand goods that goes hand-in-hand with its price point advantage. You literally have no control over the quality of the item that you’ll get. Sure, you could check out the pictures the seller posted, or even go to their house for a visual inspection of their Lazy Boy recliner for sale. But remember that secondhand purchases almost always come without any semblance of a warranty, so don’t expect premium quality goods to come your way with secondhand shopping. Each Lazy Boy recliner for sale on the secondhand market will also have different usage, so you’ll have to go through all of them to find the best value for money.

When you buy secondhand, you’ll obviously save a lot of money for the same item, in exchange for the time and effort required to find an item and a seller that meets all your needs and preferences. When you buy a pre-owned Lazy Boy recliner, make sure to clean it thoroughly and have whatever repairs needed done ASAP. Only then can you really lie back (or recline, whichever the case may be) and enjoy your purchase.