Lazyboy Lift Chair Recliners

Sure there are stairlifts that aid a disabled person in going up or down two-floor homes. But how about when the person just wants to sit around and relax, without necessarily going up or down the stairs? A lazyboy lift chair takes care of this need.

A lazyboy lift chair answers the need for a disabled person to sit down or stand up from a sitting position. Persons with arthritis or other disabilities find it very hard to do a simple standing up or sitting down movement. And a patient always needs to be aided well to be able to sit down or stand up. A lazyboy lift chair efficiently does the needed assistance to the patient.

A lazyboy lift chair has a special mechanism for being raised up or lowered down to aid patients in sitting down or standing up. From a standing position, disabled patients can easily take a seat in a lazyboy lift chair by having it raised up to the level of the patient’s anal area. The patient can then easily slide into the lazyboy lift chair and sit back into a comfortable position. Once settled in the seat, the lazyboy lift chair can be lowered down to a comfortable level, where the feet are flat on the floor and the knees are slightly higher than the butt. The lazyboy lift chair is lowered through its easy-to-control mechanism fitted inside the chair.

A lazyboy lift chair recliner does an even better job. It swivels at extreme angles to allow easy and smooth transition of the disabled patient from standing to sitting position. It also aids in transferring a patient from one chair to the lazyboy lift chair recliner. The same ease is allowed when the patient is to be transferred from the lazyboy lift chair recliner to another chair. The same goes when the patient wants to stand up from sitting in a lazyboy lift chair recliner. Best of all, the patient may opt to recline or lie down right there in the lazyboy lift chair recliner. It is easily adjustable by the mere shift of body weight and position. The patient can lean on whatever side provides more ease and comfort.

A lazyboy lift chair is the best option for patients who just want to linger around in a particular room of the house for a while without necessarily going up or down staircases. Lazyboy lift chair models can help them relax while sitting and enjoying fellowship with the family.