Lazyboy Rocker Recliners: Enthroning Relaxers

Lazyboy rocker recliners have been serving slouchers since 1929. The company that made them was (and still is) the La-Z-Boy which also has been popularizing the recliner ever since.

It’s great slouching on soft sofa seats while letting the thoughts fly and wander in the living room. But sofa seats are sturdy and unrelenting to the curves of the back and forces us to a slump which later translates into terrible back pains. Upright seats, though cushioned and padded, dangerously make us compromise the spine when we droop back the seat. The lazyboy rocker recliner saved us from in 1929, and has been doing do till this very day.

In fact, lazyboy rocker recliners have become so popular through the years that lazyboy has been included as an English word in the language—tells us lots of how it has been helping slouchers successfully—the same way the words “Kleenex,” “Xerox,” and “hoover” came into the scene. Lazyboy rocker recliners have made everything possible for relaxation to be at its “worst.” This is not to mean anything derogatory, but to stress the way relaxation has been brought to its extreme. Comfort features of lazyboy rocker recliners are triggered at the touch of a button.

Thus, once slumped into the thing, all we need to do is to be lazy. We don’t need to pull levers that sometimes get too stern they develop our biceps. If we want to swivel the chair we don’t need to lift a thing except our fingers. Modern lazyboy rocker recliners can turn around 360 degrees with one press of a button. And to make laziness sound crazier, some lazyboy rocker recliners even have built-in fridge units to cool six cans of beer. No, we don’t have to bend down to reach for the fridge because it’s right under the arm rest of the lazyboy rocker recliner.

These recliners also massage our backs and have a heating system to generate gentle heat on the back muscles of our legs and forelegs and buttocks. Just imagine tender warmth as the lazyboy rocker recliner gently vibrates our muscles, and imagine that on our lower back and shoulder blades. Some lazyboy rocker recliner variants also feature subwoofer that makes watching movies quite realistic. And to make slouched idleness complete, some lazyboy rocker recliner are fitted with radio or DVD mini players for mellow music.

If we want a relaxant complex where we have anything we need in one sitting, we opt for lazyboy rocker recliners.