The Correctly Built Lazy Boy Recliner

More than 90% of people sit on recliners that do not fit for their body size. Most often, recliners are not correctly built to give you the comfort of sitting. Some sofas and chairs have seats that are too deep, backs that are too low, and built too low that you feel like your sitting on the ground. A lot of chairs either have seats that are too soft or too hard.

There are certain companies that specialize in lazy boy recliners that fit correctly to specific individuals. A lazy boy recliner should fit your body comfortably just like fitting the right size of shoes for your feet.

There are a lot of variables on the human body that must be considered to make the right choice for a lazy boy recliner. For people with specific health issues like hip, back, neck, or knee problems, additional information must be sought for.

Correct position while sitting is important in lazy boy recliner design. This will give you the comfort that your body needs while sitting.

Your feet must lie flat on the ground. This is to decrease the stress on the lower back and hips while sitting on a lazy boy recliner.

When you sit on a lazy boy recliner, there should be a 90-degree angle maintained between the upper and lower leg. If you are a tall person, make sure that the lazy boy recliner you choose will give you this 90-degree angle.

A correctly fit lazy boy recliner should have the right support under your knees. A significant proportion of a person’s weight should be supported correctly underneath the knees.

Sitting in an upright position on a lazy boy recliner will determine if it is built correctly. The angle between the torso and hips must be 90 degrees. Not like the other recliners that are built with deep seats and reclined backs.

The headrest of a lazy boy recliner must fully support the back of your head. This way, your neck and upper back can relax. It is also important that a lazy boy recliner has full support of your whole back especially in the lower back part.

Lumbar support is an important element of a correct sitting position. A correctly built lazy boy recliner has a good lumbar support.

The armrests of a lazy boy recliner must have the right width and height. The correct width and height of the armrests will create an A-frame between the head and elbows. The arms can rest comfortably and prevent people from slouching while sitting on a lazy boy recliner.

A lazy boy recliner must provide a perfect balance between the not too hard and not too soft seat. High-density seat foam and fully steel sprung seat that has the ten-year no-sag springs should be used in a lazy boy recliner. Not every lazy boy recliner is right for you, make sure you choose the one that fits your body.