Types of Lazyboy Sofas

For quality sofas in the living room or office, lazyboy sofas are the best options. They are guaranteed to be quality and measure up to the demands of house or office functions.

There are lazyboy sofas that are three-seaters and made of top cow grain leather. Such leather is used especially for the three-seater lazyboy sofas’ seating spaces themselves, armrests, and the front side of the backrest. The sides, bottoms, and rear of the three-seater lazyboy sofas’ backrests are of PVC material. The structure, on the other hand, of three-seater lazyboy sofas are often kiln dried solid wood frames, using 35 kg/CBM density seating foams for all the cushions for better comfort.

The seat cushion design of three-seater lazyboy sofas use strong spring coil seat padding and spring-down cushions interacting with the best inner spring coils backed up by more foams all around. All these are bonded by Dacron. Then the whole thing is protected by a top layer of channeled blendown muslin bags. The springs make sure that the upholstered three-seater lazyboy sofas are well supported for pushing up weights, while the blendown design makes sure the surface of three-seater lazyboy sofas are smooth and elegant.

Three-seater Lazyboy sofas also come in two-seater sofas with a single sofa. This design of three-seater lazyboy soafs allow flexibility in the arrangement of the sofas, making possible an option of bringing them all together as long sofas, or L-shape three-seater lazyboy sofas with the twin or double sofas forming the longer leg. They also come in elegant designs and colors.

Recliner lazyboy sofas are top of the line recliners that come in three or two-seaters. A good idea for longer recliner lazyboy sofas is to combine two three-seaters or a three-seater plus a two-seater, whichever is appropriate for the space available. Recliner lazyboy sofas offer extreme relaxation and rest for both home living rooms and offices.

Another good option is the fabric lazyboy sofas. There are many fabric lazyboy sofas to choose from, ranging from half leathers to micro fiber leathers, to PU leathers. They are all of kiln dried wood frames wrapped with dense foams with ready resilient reaction to weight. Fabric lazyboy sofas also come in elegant designs and colors, with various textures to go with a particular design requirement.

Lazyboy sofas can answer different sitting furniture needs at home and in the office. They come in various quality models to suit different functions and fill whatever ease and flexibility requirements there are in seat designs.