Ultimate Comfort and Bliss With a Lazyboy

A Lazyboy recliner is a piece of furniture that is made with one of the strongest frame construction with the purpose of providing the user with the ultimate seating experience. The Lazyboy recliner is a seat that allows the user to recline or lay back and at the same time, allow the feet to be raised on a footrest. In effect, the back is relaxed and the feet are given relief by being in an elevated position. The Lazyboy recliner allows the user to select the best angle for maximum comfort.

The Lazy boy recliner seat comes in different variations, each with its own unique function.

Standard Lazyboy Recliner Model

The standard lazyboy recliner chair is geared to contain one person comfortably. The standard lazyboy recliner chair’s material is composed primarily of soft durable leather and through the years innovations such as cup holders, pockets for the remote control and magazine have been incorporated into the chair’s design. The control lever is located on the left or right side of the chair which is used to adjust the comfort level. Current models come in wide variety of colors like black, maroon, brown, and beige.

Lazyboy Double Recliner

The lazyboy double recliner is a larger version of the standard model for it is able to seat two people comfortably together. The double recliner is designed in such a way as to allow each person seated to adjust their recliner the way they want it without disturbing the person beside them. Each of the sections of the seat can be adjusted without disturbing the other section of the seat. In effect, one person could be reclining to the full length for sleeping while the other person may just be reclining slightly to read a magazine. The lazyboy double recliner is made from the same construction and materials as the standard lazyboy recliner.

Custom made lazyboy recliner

These are lazyboy models that have been modified and built upon requests by their owners. Some owners would opt to have the size of the standard model made larger but still able to hold a single person, others may opt to choose different type of leather for the seats. This may range from the standard leather to a higher grade quality leather. The frame of the seat may be changed from its metal foundation to wood or any other material desired. Even the overall appearance of the lazyboy recliner can be customized to include other accessories.

The lazyboy recliner is considered by Americans as the ultimate in seating comfort. For them, nothing comes close to the comfort that the lazyboy brings. That is why the lazyboy recliner is a permanent part of American homes.