What is a Lazyboy Recliner?

It is nice to sit, relax and enjoy the whole day in a lazy boy recliner. That’s what most customers who had purchased the lazy boy recliner say.

But, what is a lazy boy recliner anyway? And what can it give you if you choose to purchase this item?

If these are some of the questions running in your mind right now, allow us to explain some of the important things that may interest you in taking a second look at the lazy boy recliner.

* The Product’s Description:

A lazy boy recliner is a comfortable seat where you can enjoy sitting with utmost pleasure and ease. Its appealing design was introduced to the public in 1928.

Fit to allow any body size to rest within its comfortable exterior, the lazy boy recliner has been made in different designs and additional features in its plush array of innovative versions to keep up with the growing times and the various needs of the public.

* The Designers:

If you’re thinking that the brains behind this concept were already firmly established in the furniture and sales department of this trade, better think again. Actually, the work of Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker, cousins with a shared simple taste of life, came from humble beginnings.

They were working in different jobs to help support themselves and those who rely on them. And it is known that Knabusch was originally a farmer and a woodworker (and held other numerous jobs as well) before the cousins decided to share and invest in their own line of furnitures which was located in Monroe, Michigan.

* Its History:

The first lazy boy recliner was made from orange crates, and was made to appropriately allow sitting and leaning pleasure.

Simple but durable, the first few porch chairs gained more enthusiastic buyers when, one day, a particular customer had given the cousins an idea to upholster these pieces and sell it for the whole year instead of just making them available on a seasonal basis.

Before it came to be known as a lazy boy recliner, this item was originally referred to as an automatic adjustable chair. To seek out a suitable name, the cousins called forth a contest, and the name lazy boy recliner was the chosen name aptly given.

* The Products:

Since there are lots to mention in the colourful and artistic designs, this page is not enough to cater to its numerous advantages and features. However, we have picked three of the items that are sold by this company to give you an idea of what is in store for you.

– Syracuse
This beautiful chair offers three options to cater to your reclining preferences. Its seating is around 19” tall, 21.5” wide, and is equipped with a depth of 19.5”. If this model speaks to you, you have to know that you are given the option to choose what type of colour combinations and styles would suit your tastes.

– Brent
Brent is offered as a sofa, a loveseat, and a chair reclining option. It has a pillow seat and pad that makes sitting in it a wonderful thing to do.

– Devon
If sheer luxury and great seating options are what you would like to have, better check out what Devon has for you. Its functionality is indeed a welcome for those days or nights when you would like to sink in its comfort.

As such, with all these things that you can have with a lazy boy recliner, relaxing in your own home would be a favourable thing to do.