Easy Maintance for the Lazy Boy Recliner

A majority of Americans have a lazyboy recliner or sofa in their living rooms. With that in mind, the recliner is one of the most overused pieces of furniture in the house. No matter how much care and effort you put into taking care of it, there comes a time where it would need professional service and maintenance to extend its life.

The lazyboy recliner is one of the sturdiest built pieces of furniture due to its durable construction frame and has been tested to withstand weights of up to 400 pounds. Most of the frames are built out of specially treated wood and are immune against termite or other forms of insect infestation.

Lazyboy recliners can readily be maintained at home by just using any dry cloth to wipe the dust off. One can even use a slightly damp cloth but must make sure to dry it afterwards. Cleaning a Lazyboy does not require a major effort, one has to ensure that it has to be cleaned at all times and not neglected.

The greatest factor in shortening the lifespan of the recliner can be credited to its overuse. Constant sitting and reclining of the lazyboy recliner tends to wear out the spring system within. Although the spring system in the recliner is top notch, it can only go so far once its tensile strength is worn out. At this point, a new set of springs may be needed to bring back the ‘bounce’ of the recliner.

Due to constant use, the leather of the chair may crack or split, and even discolor from the moisture that builds up within the chair and moisture expelled from the individual when sitting down. Although these do not directly affect the performance of the recliner, they can affect the comfort level of the chair. Other cases may be loose stitching of the ends of the leather covers. Because of this, the cushions underneath may burst out and ruin the appearance of the recliner.

Aside from the spring system and wood construction, recliner owners should take the effort to oil the springs and joints regularly to avoid hearing squeaky or scratching noises when one reclines on the lazyboy. Friction causes the surface of the joint to wear away and oils and lubricants are needed to prevent the friction from further damaging it.

Maintaining a lazyboy recliner is not that difficult once you understand the way it works. Before calling up a service repair man to troubleshoot the recliner, take a little time to read the users manual before doing so. The manuals contain many tips and advice on how to deal with minor lazyboy recliner problems and could save you money in the long run.