How to Handle Your Lazy Boy Recliner

Sometimes, when you own a piece of furniture like the lazy boy recliner for quite some time, you tend to take it for granted. There are times that you don’t even care to notice minor defects in your lazy boy recliner until the problem has become very noticeable. That would be the time that you would start to handle your lazy boy recliner properly.

Before this even happens, you have to learn how to correctly handle your lazy boy recliner. You can start with these tips.

1. Get a slip cover for your lazy boy recliner.

A brand new lazy boy recliner has plush seats, bright colors and smooth texture. But if you don’t know how to properly handle this great piece of furniture, the seats can become uncomfortable and the colors fade. With a slip cover for the lazy boy recliner, you can protect the upholstery from damage due to frequent use.

2. Control your home temperature and humidity.

If you think that temperature only has damaging effects to living things, think again. Even furniture like lazy boy recliners can be damaged by adverse temperatures.

Another way to handle and take care of your lazy boy recliner is to keep it from adverse temperatures. That means it should be in an environment that is not too cold nor too warm. A temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius is preferred. Make sure that there is also sufficient humidity in the room. If the air is too dry, you might consider using a humidifier to protect your lazy boy recliner and other room furniture. A humidifier is good for your health, too.

3. Never allow your pets to sleep or play around your lazy boy recliner.

No matter how cute your pets are, if you allow them anywhere near your lazy boy recliner, they will definitely leave a mark. Leaving fur on the seat or slip cover of the lazy boy recliner is the usual problem with allowing the pets to sleep there. Stains are even bigger problems, which are difficult to handle. You might even need to call a professional cleaner to handle removing the stains from your lazy boy recliner and other furniture.

When you own a lazy boy recliner, you expect that its functionality will diminish due to wear and tear. But if you know how to correctly handle your lazy boy recliner, even with wear and tear, you can extend the life of your favorite furniture to more than what is expected.