Never Dismantle a Lazyboy Chair

We all love our lazyboy chairs. Aside from being very comfortable, lazyboy chairs are stylish. Almost every member of the family wants to sit in this very comfortable piece of furniture. Dad relaxes on the lazyboy after a long day while watching football. Mom reads a book in the afternoon on a lazyboy recliner.

And the kids? The kids are as playful as ever. They will run around the lazyboy, play their games around it and even jump on top of it. Oh, and if you have pets at home, they probably also want to experience the comfort of sleeping on a lazyboy. You wouldn’t know what they’re doing when you’re not looking.

Since the lazyboy is the most loved furniture in the house, no matter how durable it is, it will experience wear and tear and will probably need repairs. In case you notice problems with your lazyboy, never dismantle a lazyboy chair.

You shouldn’t dismantle a lazyboy chair no matter how simple the problem might be. Lazyboy chairs are developed over the years in order to provide utmost comfort. If you dismantle a lazyboy chair, it might not be easy to put the parts back together. Each part of a lazyboy has a special purpose. If you did dismantle a lazyboy chair and you were not able to put the parts back together, this could result to more complicated problems than what you’d had before you dismantled a lazyboy chair.

Since the parts of a lazyboy are specially designed, there may be parts whose functions may be difficult to identify. If you dismantle a lazyboy chair, you have to know the functions of each of the parts in order to identify which part caused the problem.

The last, and perhaps most important reason, for you not to dismantle a lazyboy chair is the warranty. Lazyboy guarantees that each chair is comfortable and durable. With this guarantee comes a warranty period in which you may have your lazyboy repaired free of charge. If you dismantle a lazyboy chair yourself, you may void the warranty and may have to shoulder the expense of having your lazyboy repaired by an authorized service center.

When something goes wrong with your favorite chair, instead of deciding to dismantle a lazyboy chair, observe when the problem happens. Also, take note of any unusual sound that you hear from the lazyboy chair when adjusting or using it. If you think there is something wrong, contact the nearest lazyboy authorized service center.