Lazyboy Leather Sofa Sleepers Save on Space

What do bunk beds, wallbeds and trundle beds have in common with lazyboy leather sofa sleepers? Well, they are all space saving beds that are excellent for small apartments and so-called bachelor’s pads. Bunk beds are two beds placed one on top of the other, with the upper bed having a ladder for accessibility. A wallbed, as the name suggests, is a bed that flips up into a wall closet for storage.

A trundle bed is actually a pair of beds with the slightly smaller bed being able to slide under its slightly higher twin through a set of caster roller wheels when one is not in use. Lazyboy leather sofa sleepers are simply sofa sets that can be folded out into beds.

While the space saving feature is the common denominator of all of these beds, it is obvious that lazyboy leather sofa sleepers have the distinct advantage of being two kinds of furniture rolled into one. They can be folded into sofa sets by day and folded out into beds by night. The rest are just simply beds by night and an empty space by day. It is not too difficult to see in this case that the sofa sleeper provides more utility in the sense that its space saving feature is really anchored on its ability to perform two different functions—that of a sofa and a bed. Its dual function is great for entertaining and accommodating guests overnight.

Whether it functions as a bed or sofa, lazyboy leather sofa sleepers have become synonymous to durability and unparalleled comfort that made it so popular worldwide. Because of its dual functions, lazyboy leather sofa sleepers are expected to be the most used and abused furniture in the living room. That is why they are built to last, with much stronger frames and more springs to provide tensile strength for better cushion support.

The durability and comfort of the lazyboy sleeper is enhanced by its luxurious leather upholstery. Unlike man-made fabric or vinyl upholstery, leather is natural material that allows your skin to “breath” while sitting or sleeping on it. Available at your nearest dealer in either bright colors or earth shades, the leather upholstery imparts that elegant, luxurious look and makes it easier for you to maintain your lazyboy leather sofa sleeper.

Just wipe the leather upholstery with a damp cloth to remove grime and salt residue from perspiration, and once again, your favorite furniture will look and smell fresh anew.